Internet users spend 75% longer on websites with video
(comScore, Inc)
81% of senior marketing executives
now use online video in their
marketing programs
(Web Video Marketing Council)
Consumers who view online video
are 85% more likely to buy
(Internet Retailer)
Video in email marketing increases
click-through rates by over 96%
(Implix Marketing Trends)

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7 Insights To Improve Your Return On Investment (ROI)

Video should be a vital part of your conversion strategy. Why? Video works. It reveals your passion, helps you create a more engaging customer experience, delivers complicated content more easily, etc. I often hear from our prospects: “I know about the power of video, but how can I make it work for me?”. The following 7 tips should enable you to make online video serve its primary function – help grow your business and make you money.


1.    Set up a realistic objective  
How many visitors do you want to drive to your site? What conversion rates do you want to achieve? Before you decide on these goals, you should look at your current data and trends in your marketing efforts without the use of video. It will help you make realistic projections to define success.


2.    Your video should be short
We recommend your video to be no longer than 2-3 minutes. People absorb information much better if you feed it to them in small doses. It is one of those times when “less is more”. If you think it is absolutely necessary to have a longer piece then break it into series. Another solution is to create a longer version and then test the results by gradually cutting it.


3.    Create content that is targeted to your audience
Think about your best customers first. What content interests them? You should use this information to create content that targets your prospects as directly as possible. In addition, video should not only match the surrounding content and goals of your campaign but add value to your customers’ experience.


4.    Include a compelling call-to-action in your video
A good call-to-action helps prompt the desired behavior from your viewers. It is a critical part of your video content.


5.    It matters where you place video on your site

You should keep in mind that the way you position your video on the page sets up viewer’s expectations. For instance, If you place it on the top right it will appear more like an ad. That’s why video sharing sites such as YouTube place their video players on the top left of the page.


6.    Video is a marketing asset that you should reuse

Putting video on your site is the essential thing to do to improve your conversions. But you should also distribute it via any channel that is available to you. Put it on YouTube, upload it to your Facebook account or use Twitter to direct viewers to it. You can also use it on many other sites such as Yahoo Video, Vimeo, MySpace, etc.


7.    Test, test and test…
Testing is a key to improving your ROI. There are a lot of variables that could contribute to very significant changes in your online marketing results.
The important thing is to vary one parameter at a time. For instance, test your conversion rates with video and without video on your site. This way you will be absolutely sure that it was the introduction of a video that improved your results. Test different versions of your video, test different positions (on the left and on the right of the same page).


The more you play with your video, the more creative ideas you’ll have to make it effective.
We would love to hear about your experience with ROI optimization!