“A Cut Above The Rest” Video Productions prides itself on delivering the absolute best product for their clients each and every time. With the willingness and desire to work with any budget, we have created a wide range of packages to make sure you are getting the quality products that you want, at a price you can afford. Please give us a call at 818.835.3344 to discuss possible opportunities. 

      We specialize in filming Dance Shows and Recitals and provide DVD duplication, a great way for everyone in your show to remember their performances for years to come. We are also available to produce, film and edit any promotional videos your company may want to use for advertisements or to put on your website to attract more customers.

    “A Cut Above The Rest” Video Productions has filmed for such companies as Los Angeles Ballet Academy, Agoura Hills Dance, Gotta Dance, The Boston Ballet, The Jeanette Neill Dance Studio, as well as Boston Youth Moves and The Deborah Mason School Of Dance and hopes to add your company to the list.