Dance Photographer


A Cut Above staff would love to be able to provide you with free Photography and Videography services for your dance studio! We are a Production Company that specializes in multi-camera dance events, action photography, and even studio Photo Days! We work with other amazing studios, such as Temecula Dance Company, Dance Dimensions, Los Angeles Ballet Academy and more!
A Cut Above is able to send out a professional crew of photographers and/or videographers to your Studio’s events, and get full coverage of your dancers from start to finish. We also send an individual or sales team to each event, to help sell the products and to help parents fill out their order forms. Like I mentioned before, this is completely free!
After the event, A Cut Above will give your studio back 10% of the total sales! We have given over $50,000 back to schools and dance studios in California!
Once the footage gets back into our office, we have a highly trained staff edit your events to make them look better then ever! Once the videos are ready, they will be delivered to your studio, or mailed directly to your dancers. All DVD’s come completed with a start Menu, chapter markers, and customized DVD case covers. We promise a high-quality product from beginning to end.
If you would like to take advantage of our Photography services, which is also free, our specialized photographers will capture your events and your dancer’s best moments on stage. Typically photos are sold per routine or per event for simplicity reasons. I will attach some of our example dance photography images.
Now, I would love to discuss the opportunity with you further, and figure out how we can create an individual plan that works for your studio. Please feel free to give us a call at (818) 835 – 3344 so we can get to know your studio better.

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